Contributing to the Interlay Crowdloan Using a Referral Code

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3 min readDec 15, 2021


  • There are two possible ways to apply the code:
    1. Using the Fearless Wallet app for Android
    2. Using the Interlay website (for iOS users)
  • This article will cover how to contribute to the Interlay crowdloan by applying a referral code using the Fearless Wallet Android app, as well as applying on the Interlay website

Applying the Referral Code using the Fearless Wallet app

Note: In case you’re using an iOS device, you won’t be able to apply the code using the app. iOS users can still contribute to the Interlay crowdloan via the Fearless Wallet app without the referral bonuses. If you want to apply the referral bonus, please use the Interlay website.

  1. Go to the Crowdloans tab in the Fearless Wallet app and select the Interlay crowdloan
  2. Click on the Bonus section where it says Get a special bonus >

3. Paste your referral code into the Referral code field and click Apply. If you got a referral as a link, please use the part of the link after “=” sign, for example,



If you don’t have a code, click “TAP TO APPLY FEARLESS WALLET BONUS” (you will get a 5% bonus):

That’s it! You’ve just successfully applied your referral code. Proceed with the crowdloan process as usual.

How to Get Your Own Referral Code

Once you’ve contributed to the Interlay crowdloan, you’ll get your own referral code. Here’s how you can see it:

  1. Open the Crowdloans tab in your app and find the Interlay crowdloan
  2. Tap on Referral code to copy your code and share it with your friends!

Applying the Referral Code from the Fearless Wallet app on the Interlay Website

In case you’re going to use the Interlay website to apply or share the code from the Fearless Wallet app, please do the following:

  1. Copy your referral code and save it somewhere
  2. Copy the link below and replace the “[your referral code]” text with your actual referral code:[your referral code]
  3. Once replaced, your link should look something like this:
  4. Open the link in your browser and proceed with the crowdloan process.

For more information regarding crowdloan participation with your Fearless Wallet account take a look at this article on the Fearless Wallet Wiki

If you need any help, join the Fearless Wallet Telegram Community

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